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Kauhajoki Senior High School

Address: Puistotie 8, 61800 Kauhajoki, Finland

Kauhajoen lukio is a medium-sized Senior High School (Upper Secondary School) situated in Osthro-Bothnia (Etelä-Pohjanmaa), Western Finland. We have about 200 students and 25 teachers. Each year we receive exchange students from all over the world, which gives us fresh outlook on life elsewhere.

The school year starts in early August and ends in late May or early June each year. There are four longer holidays (autumn break, Christmas, winter break and Easter) during the school year + summer holidays. The year is divided into six study periods, each with its own timetable and courses. At the end of these periods we have exam weeks, which test the subjects studied during the period.

Finnish Senior High Schools have some compulsory subjects that everyone has to study. These include Finnish (as mother tongue), Swedish (as the second national language), English (as the most popular foreign language), Mathematics (the students can choose the level of studies), and so on. In addition to these compulsory subjects, the students have a wide range of optional courses to choose from. These optional subjects include foreign languages (German, French, Russian, Italian, Latin and Spanish), natural sciences, art, sports etc.

In order to graduate, each student has to take at least 75 courses and pass the matriculation examinations. Each course consists of about 30 lessons + exam. The lessons in our school last 45 minutes, double lessons take 90 minutes. Usually during the third year, the students sign up for national matriculation examinations. They choose at least three subjects + Finnish as compulsory subjects and then they can add optional subjects. In autumn 2016 the first digital matriculation examinations were held in German, geography and philosophy. In 2019 all exams will be digital. For more information, visit:

As part of internationalization objectives, we try to offer our students opportunities to take part in exchange programmes each year. Recently we took part in a two-year Erasmus+ exchange with Portugal.

We also have a twin-school in Zambia: Koweni Primary School which we contribute to every year. Natural science students can apply for a study trip to Cern, Switzerland every few ears. We also send a few students abroad every year as exchange students (mostly Rotary or AFS) and receive exchange students to our school.